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This is where we blog updates on everything dental.  We hope to provide information relevant to you, and we think you’ll find it interesting!  Sometimes we’ll even stray off topic and post some things about our own interests!  Let us know what you think in the comments section, or visit us on facebook and twitter.

Dr. Kelli Dewell, owner and dentist, is a regular contributor to the blog as well as Stephanie, and Brandon.  Dental Oasis is located at 7397 N 600 W, Suite 400 in McCordsville, IN.  Our phone number is 317-DENTIST (336-8478).

  • class is in session - dental 102

    Welcome to Dental 102, your next class on brushing up on your dental knowledge! We previously studied arithmetic, history, health and fitness, and science and are now moving on to cover more topics today. Please have a seat at the front of class. We hope you brought your pencil! Geography Location In the adult mouth…

  • blackboard class is in session

    School has already started for some of us and is almost starting for some others.  Now is the time to refresh your dental knowledge and get prepped for the start of a new school year!  Take a seat at the front of class! Arithmetic Did you know more than 50% of uninsured and 30% of…

  • picture of tooth fairy

    The tooth fairy has long been a part of numerous childhood milestones.  Many children eagerly anticipate the loss of their first tooth.  The thought of  catching a glimpse of her leaving money behind is sure to bring joy to any child’s heart.  The parents though can face a slightly more complex emotional roller coaster ride. …

  • rotation-oscillation toothbrush

    Many of us have grown up using regular manual toothbrushes to clean our teeth daily.  Over time a variety of toothbrush design changes and options have become available.  For instance, a specialized toothbrush was created to better reach the back molar teeth and more effectively remove plaque in that area.  This was accomplished by simply…

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